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Do you want to organize a creative workshop for children?

Sure thing! Among workshops for kids, we also do activities for adults, grandmothers and grandfathers and anyone in between!

Our custom workshops are designed for visionary builders and innovators of dream worlds aged 3 to 100. We can create workshops for schools, companies, or festivals.


We offer 60 to 120-minute themed workshops for groups of children and adults with an ideal size of 10-15 participants.

We have conducted workshops at Designblok, Mini Festival, in kindergartens and schools. We collaborate with trained instructors Anna Behenská and Zuzana Smetáčková. We have partnered with brands like Czech Center in Bratislava, CAMP, Jasna, and WanderTable.

"Playing is a fundamental human need and the cornerstone of the learning process, primarily the main prerequisite for human creativity. TOTEMO awakens playfulness and the desire to experiment intuitively, providing space for personal expression. In TOTEMO workshops, participants experience joy and a state of creative escape from everyday routine, stress, and obligations. TOTEMO offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in a world where different shapes dominate and where things connect based on principles other than logical ones. TOTEMO is a game with no specific goal, so there is no possibility of making a mistake, eliminating stress and tension in the body and calming and focusing the mind. TOTEMO gives rise to unexpected connections both between individual pieces of the building set and ideas and possibilities that - although often in front of our eyes - we do not see." Anna Behenská

Workshops develop creativity, imagination, artistic skills, fine motor skills, visual thinking, and inner flow. They induce a state of concentration, relaxation, joy, and playfulness.

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