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Make plastic
great again, yea!

From the bottle caps
to creative landscape

TOTEMO a construction toy like no other which gives space to self-expression through play

and creation of own worlds.


While playing with Totemo, children become designers of their own toys, architects, inventors

and biologists who discover new species.

They become a creator of stories that have never been written before and explorers of previously undiscovered worlds.

100% recycled waste
Sustainable and beautiful

We produce the plates using recycled waste from a variety of sources – be it bottle caps, food packaging, refrigerators, one use utensils, electronics and industrial waste.

Every single plate is an original and every single texture has its own story.

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 0.46.03.png

From trash... creative


 From the desire to create to let create. We have created a creative landscape that shows the infinite possibilities of imagination At its core, it also turns to the intention of realising the need to recycle



Suitable from 4–99

ITC certificate

Made in CZ together with psychologists

Environmentally cautious

Develops creativity and cognitive function

TOTEMO is simply anything
your imaginations dares to fantasize

Totemo is a guide that fosters the development of creative thinking. And we think that is the foundation of a happy life.

It cultivates the imagination of everyone from pre-school age   to experienced adults.

Expands the growth of cognitive functions and precise motoric skills of children.

Every shape is designed to unlock the creative potential and allow limitless fantasy.

Totemo provides an option to create own stories and shows that nothing is impossible.

Totemo is a tool that helps people say goodbye to tensions accompanying them in everyday life.

Do you want to create with us?

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