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Play, create 
and discover!

It’s simply the furthest limit of your fantasy.

An unconventional kit for young and old, that provides space for self-expression through play. Create your own borderless worlds and stories.

What makes TOTEMO soooo special?

The connectors are made from
recycled PET bottles




Made in
Czech Republic


Develops fine motor skills and concentration

Meet Skippy, our friendliest croc'o'deer.


True experts' top picks

Our favorite clients aren't just kids, but anyone who dares to imagine!

Alegoryshire colour

Kč 1490.00


Birdycat colour

Kč 1490.00

bervny trysk.jpg

Jetbike colour

Kč 1490.00

4barevneE kopie.jpg

TOTEMO big colour set

Kč 5200.00

What is TOTEMO?

It is a GAME, that has no winner nor loser, it's a MEDIUM, for expanding imagination and creativity, LIBERATING from past conventions, and encouraging ABSTRACT thinking. It connects generations through shared play, It GROWS with you and you GROW with it. It's for LITTLE ONES and GROWN UPS AS WELL, is inspired by CHILDREN'S FANTASY and the ability to SEE the UNSEEN. It is about breathing life into COLORS and SHAPES, a search for PERSPECTIVES, the birth of NEW WORLDS. It is a PAINTING and SCULPTURE, it is ZEN, NOW and THEN, it is a LANDMARK and a LANDSCAPE, it is a STEAMSHIP and a SPACESHIP. It’s TOTEMO. It’s simply the furthest limit of your fantasy. And by the way, it's a BUILDING SET.


We do workshops too!

Are you brave enough to build your wildest ideas? Whether you're 3 or 97, come play with unlimited TOTEMO pieces and bring your art piece home!

How it started...

From the desire to create and let create.
That's how TOTEMO was born, an unconventional
building sets for young and old.


TOTEMO is made in the Czech Republic and because we love nature, we use wood and recycled materials for its production.
Wooden plywood is printed with eco-friendly paints and clutches are made from recycled PET bottles.

Asset 7_1.6x.png
Asset 8_1.6x.png

juries love us too!

We're more than honored to be recognized by some of the most prestigious design awards like Distributed Design,  Czech Grand Design, Designblok Prague or Rossana Orlandi's Guiltless Plastic Prize.

What's the difference between wooden and plastic TOTEMO?

While our wooden kits are from the firmest and safest beech wood, TOTEMO plastic is locally produced from recycled plastic and allows for play in water too! 


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